5 best moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 7

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4. The portrayal of the battle

I knew in the run-up to Outlander Season 5, Episode 7 that there would be some elements similar to the Battle of Prestonpans during the second season. Then throughout the episode there were moments that were everything like Prestonpans.

The scenes brought the battle to life. We saw the tactics of the Regulators mixed with the power of the British Army. While the elements of the battle were vastly different and this time the rebellion didn’t win, the scenes were action-packed but full of emotion at the same time.

The Battle of Alamance had us on the edges of our seats. We had to see if one of our own would fall or be injured. And then, of course, there was that final moment. More on that in a few minutes.

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3. Murtagh’s speech to rally his troops

Before the battle, Murtagh rallied his troops. He made it clear why he was viewed as the leader of the Regulators. He has a way of commanded men, something that we know he picked up over the years.

It’s hard to understand Murtagh’s change of character over the years. All this has happened off-screen over the space of the 20 years we don’t get to know much about. But it’s clear that a lot happened that made him despise everything.

However, while he rallied the troops, he also had a second thought. Roger’s warning made Murtagh wondered whether this was all going to fail, knowing that Roger, Bree, and Claire all knew the outcome in the future. And yet, when the men wouldn’t stop, he was there with them.