Outlander recap: Why does Jamie take Frank’s ring from Claire?

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Governor Tryon talks New York

The current legislation gives the Regulators a chance to submit to the Crown. Those who don’t, will be dealt with appropriately.

However, Jamie notes that Tryon’s wife mentioned that they are heading to New York. It’s not a done deal just yet, but it’s a good chance that he’ll become the Governor of New York.

At the end of the episode, Tryon shares that nobody has put themselves at the mercy of the courts. There will be a war after all, and Jamie has an order to get his militia together.

Time for a game of cards

Hearing that Wylie likes to gamble and needing him back on side to set up a meeting with Bonnet, Jamie thinks he has an option. Wylie doesn’t want to work with Jamie, but Jamie makes it clear that he will ensure news of the “type of gentleman” Wylie is will spread. It can all be stopped with a game of cards.

Jamie offers to let Wylie go without spreading rumors if he loses the game. If Jamie wins, he wants the stallion. Wylie won’t take the bait and Jamie needs something more valuable. Jamie knows that he needs Claire’s gold ring.

Claire doesn’t want to give up the ring. She won’t do it, even for Bonnet. After finding out whether Jamie is doing all this for Bree’s honor or his, Claire decides to give up both of her rings and then walks away.

That night, Claire heads to the stables to see the stallion when Jamie shows up drunk. He still has the rings. It’s a cause to celebrate. And yes, there is a very passionate scene in the stables between Claire and Jamie. Just what everyone was waiting for.

Jamie won’t have the stallion though. He offered to trade the stallion for a business partnership with Bonnet. Of course, it’s under the name Alexander Malcolm. And now there is the chance to meet Bonnet once more and kill him.