Outlander recap: Why does Jamie take Frank’s ring from Claire?

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Governor Tryon catches us up with the reasons behind the Regulator actions

While at the wedding, Jamie, Claire, and Lord John Grey find Governor Tryon. While Jamie sweet-talks the governor about the pardoning of the Regulators, Tryon admits that it wasn’t all his idea, which is odd considering his narcissistic personality.

Samuel Johnston was the one to propose the idea. It turns out there’s more to the pardon. The recent legislature says that 10 men or more cannot gather. As Lord John Grey puts it, if the men cannot gather, they cannot conspire. It sounds like Tryon did it after Knox’s death.

Claire and Mrs. Tryon spend some time at the wedding together, which is where Tryon shares the rumors of Phillip Wylie. As Mrs. Tryon distracts Wylie from Claire, Claire overhears two women talking about Dr. Rawling’s recommendations. This could certainly come back to cause problems.

Sadly, Mrs. Tryon doesn’t get the chance to distract Wylie for too long. Wylie finds Claire and makes it clear that he is interested in her. He offers her anything her heart desires, and that brings up news of an Irishman in Wilmington that he works with. Claire clearly feels like this is probably Bonnet. She needs to know more.

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A talk of business

As the two drink some whiskey, Wylie notices the two rings, bringing up a conversation about Frank and Jamie allowing Claire to wear Frank’s ring. What I’m glad to see is that Claire didn’t feel the need to defend her decision to wear Frank’s ring. Nobody should have to defend decisions like that.

Claire movies the conversation on, mentioning how the whiskey venture isn’t working very well and needs a partner. This is when Bonnet’s name comes up. Claire wants to do business with Wylie, but it’s clear that it’s to get to Bonnet.

Wylie decides to take Claire to the stables, where his favorite horse is being kept. However, there’s an ulterior motive. Wylie kisses Claire but she pushes him away. Jamie walks in on it and is about to kill Wylie when Claire stops him. Afterward, Claire tells Jamie the full truth about Wylie working for Bonnet.