Outlander recap: The time that Jamie found a cat

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Claire makes penicillin

EUREKA!!! Yes, that’s something Claire would say but Marsali doesn’t understand. Regardless, Claire has made her penicillin and it’s time to carry out the surgery on the twins. It all goes well, but it leads to a flashback of Claire during the 1960s.

These flashbacks are what we saw Caitriona Balfe filming. They had nothing to do with Frank. Instead, they were about why Claire went to London, how she found out about Rev. Wakefield, and how she ended up finding Jamie.

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She was treating a Scottish patient who reminded her of Jamie Fraser. This patient, Mr. Menzies (the name was used in the book, so not quite a nod to Tobias Menzies), dies from a penicillin allergy. His tests had come back negative for an allergy, and she’s thinking about it all now because she worries Kezzie and Jo will be allergic.

Sadly, Mr. Menzies died. It was after that Claire requested a leave of absence and headed to London with Bree. Later, Claire tells Jamie that it was all because of this patient that she found Jamie and returned to him. It’s strange how some strangers can have such an effect on people.

I will say that it was great to see Joe Abernathy again. He’s the one that encouraged Claire to head off to London, even if he didn’t realize what it would mean in the long run.