Bloodshot with Sam Heughan is now in theaters

Photo: Bloodshot.. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment
Photo: Bloodshot.. Image Courtesy Sony Pictures Entertainment /

Are you ready to see Sam Heughan in a blockbuster movie? He’s in Bloodshot with Vin Diesel, and the movie is now available to watch in theaters.

Are you ready to support Sam Heughan in his new movie? You can do that right now. Bloodshot is out in theaters now.

Originally, the release date was planned for February. Things changed and it was moved to March. While that would have been to help boost ticket sales, the plan may not work out as more people are avoiding the movie theaters due to coronavirus.

For those who are looking for a movie to watch, Bloodshot is definitely one to consider. Starring Vin Diesel in the lead role, we get to see Outlander‘s Sam Heughan take on what looks like a villainous role. Of course, there are questions about whether he’s a villain or not. This could be someone brainwashed into believing he’s doing the right thing.

Regardless, the action movie it out right now.

Sadly, it’s not doing all that well in the reviews. Critics have rated it a low 34% on Rotten Tomatoes. With the movie only just out, the audience ratings weren’t available at the time of writing. I’ve made it super easy for you to check them out. I have a feeling Outlander fans can help boost support.

It is going to depend on what you want to gain from a movie. This isn’t one that will stand out against some of the big releases. This month sees Onward and Mulan from Disney (Pixar for the former), and there are many still heading out to see Ben Affleck in The Way Back. But if you want action that doesn’t involve too much thinking, Bloodshot is going to be the perfect movie for you. It’s solid old-school action that will make Vin Diesel fans happy.

Check out the trailer for Bloodshot below:

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Bloodshot is out in theaters now.