Will Roger's promise come back to haunt him on Outlander?

Never underestimate the power of words and promises. Roger made a promise he can't keep on Outlander Season 5, Episode 3. Will it come back to haunt him?

Never make a promise you know you can't keep. That's something anyone in the 18th century learns quickly, and it's something Roger will learn the hard way. There are high chances that his promise is going to come back to haunt him on Outlander.

During "Free Will," Roger was left in charge of the militia to recruit others. He came across Mrs. Findlay, who made it clear that she wasn't all that happy about her sons being called up. Nor was she all that impressed when Roger made a promise to look after her sons. She knows that he can't guarantee their safety. You could see that on her face.

Of course, she's going to hold him to his word, though. Roger did backtrack and say he'd do whatever is in his power, but you just know that his words are likely to come back to haunt him. That promise is going to come up later.

There is a war coming. There are battles in the future, and men die in battle. It doesn't matter which side they're on, men lose their lives. Everyone knows that. It's why parents don't want to see their children go off to war, even if they're conscripted in some form.

What are the chances of one or all of Mrs. Findlay's sons being killed in a battle? She'll blame Roger for sure. Of course, he'll also blame himself. And then there's Jamie who won't be all that impressed that his son-in-law made a promise he couldn't possibly keep.

Oh, Roger! If only he didn't make that promise.

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