5 major takeaways from the Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 promo

Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 sees focus turns to Brownsville, where it doesn't look like anyone wants to join the militia. Here are the promo takeaways.

After a dark and twisted episode, Outlander turns the focus onto building the militia. Roger makes it to Brownsville, but he's not getting the warmest of welcomes. It's time to break down the promo to see what we can expect in Outlander Season 5, Episode 4.

We know that Roger was on his way to Brownsville. Along the way, he'd picked up a few more people for the militia, while making promises he can't possibly keep. Just what is he going to do in the next episode?

Here's the promo to check it out before we break it all down. You can also check out the synopsis here to get an idea of what to expect in Outlander Season 5, Episode 4.

5. Roger faces resistance

While Roger probably expected some resistance, he wouldn't have expected quite the welcome that he gets. He's walking into a town with men aiming rifles at him and his militia.

Those who have read the books know exactly why this is. Those who haven't, get ready for a tense moment as Roger figures out what to do next.

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4. Jamie and Claire talk babies

The beginning of the promo sees Jamie and Claire talk about babies. Jamie realizes that Claire may have wanted more than just two children (yes, I'm including Faith because she will always be remembered by her parents), and he knows there is time.

Does Claire want more children? Is she happy with life the way it is? This is certainly an important conversation for the two of them to have, and probably one that should have been had a while ago.

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3. Claire can only watch on in horror

Claire can only watch the events in Brownsville in horror. At least, that's the way the promo looks. She's standing at a window, watching as the events play out before her. There's nothing that she can do to help, and she's certainly worried about Jamie, Roger, and the other men in the militia.

2. Claire may find an option for Fanny's baby

We've wondered what Claire will do now that she has a baby on the road with her. It's not like this baby can be taken into battle. Would Claire need to turn back and head to Fraser's Ridge? Well, it looks like there's someone else who is willing to take the child into their care.

1. Jamie is willing to brand people traitors

This may be a surprising takeaway. Jamie makes it clear that he will call those who harm his men traitors to the crown. It's the fact that he uses the phrase "to the crown." He could have just said traitors, meaning traitors to himself. He's firmly on the side of the British right now. At least, that's the way it seems.

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What do you take from the Outlander Season 5, Episode 4 promo? What are you excited to see happen? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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