5 best Brianna moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 1

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2. Focusing on her family

The day after her wedding, Brianna’s life pretty much turns back to normal. She has to spend time focused on her family, so it’s not surprising that she’s with Jemmy when Roger returns from his talk with Jocasta.

Brianna immediately knows that something has ruffled Roger’s feathers. She can tell he’s angry and agitated. While she’s never questioned his loyalty, she understands that others have. But she makes it clear that the three of them are all that matters.

One thing she doesn’t do is stop Roger doing the blood oath. Instead, she watches with pride, knowing this is important to Roger. It means the world to him, so it means the world to her.

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1. Always being her Da’s little girl

Brianna and Jamie missed out on a lot of time together. That’s not anyone’s fault, as Jamie made a sacrifice to keep Claire and Bree safe. However, now the two get a chance to catch up.

Naturally, Jamie was emotional at Brianna’s wedding. There was a moment between them as Jamie wishes he could have been with Brianna for longer. However, despite being married, Brianna makes one thing clear. She will always be his little girl.

After everything that happened in the fourth season, this was a beautiful moment. It brought them closer together and shows that Brianna knows she will always need her Da.

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