5 best Brianna moments from Outlander Season 5, Episode 1

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4. Connections to the 60s

Before everything with Bonnet, Brianna gets the chance to have some fun. She dances with Roger and brings in some of her traditions to the 18th century. There’s one moment that stands out that puts a smile on my face.

After dancing with Roger, Brianna talks to her mom about doing the Mash Potato or the Twist. Of course, the music isn’t right, but it’s this connection that Bree and Claire have; a secret language almost. This is the part that leads to Bree finding out about Bonnet, but I would have loved to have seen her try to get Jamie to do the Mash Potato.

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3. Her looks at the fiery cross

During the call to arms, Brianna stands with Claire and Marsali. They watch on as Jamie lights the fiery cross and asks the men to follow him. However, there’s a look on Brianna’s face that makes it clear there’s more to the fiery cross than the upcoming battles.

Those who have read the book will know Brianna’s feelings about fiery crosses. They connect back to the KKK, which was at its height during Brianna’s time. Burning crosses were everywhere, and you can tell that part of her remembers this just from her looks.