5 most romantic Lord John Grey quotes from Outlander

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Jamie and Lord John Grey
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Jamie and Lord John Grey /
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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ /

4. “Some people you grieve forever.”

This comes from the time Jamie and John are at Ardsmuir, when they’re having dinner together and building on that friendship we would come to love. Before meeting Jamie, Lord John was in love with another man, Hector. During the Battle of Culloden, Hector died.

John touched on how his brother Hal said that knowing that Hector was dead would help with the grief. While there would always be a sense of sadness, seeing Hector’s body would prevent the wonder of what had happened and it would stop the grief.

That’s not something John found. Outlander brings this beautiful line, which is oh so true in many ways.

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3. “You gave me my life all those years ago. Now I give you yours.”

As all other prisoners were being sent off to the Colonies, Lord John Grey needed to find what to do with Jamie. As an officer of the Jacobites, Jamie couldn’t head off to the Colonies and as an indentured servant. He could have ended up in another prison where he wouldn’t have been treated as well, but Lord John Grey managed to arrange a time at Helwater instead.

It was certainly a chance for John to give Jamie his life. It was a way to protect him. And with their relationship being tense at this point, it was viewed as “a life for a life” situation. However, there was more to it. John wanted to know the love of his life was safe.