5 best friendships on Outlander up to Season 4

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Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ — Roger and Fiona

Outlander has seen some excellent friendships form. It’s time to count down the best five from the first four seasons of the series.

There have been some excellent friendships formed over the years on Outlander. W Network counted down its seven, but I have a few that I wanted to add to the list. So, with that in mind, I’m counting down my five favorite from the TV series.

This list won’t include any friendships that have become relationships. That means you won’t find Claire and Jamie on the list. Nor will you find Brianna and Roger, even though their relationship certainly did start as a good friendship.

It also doesn’t include family relationships. Murtagh and Jamie have an excellent bond, but it’s one of blood and not of friendship, so it technically doesn’t count.

Here are my five favorite friendships from Outlander up to Season 4.

5. Roger and Fiona

In Outlander Season 2, we were first introduced to Roger and Fiona. It was clear that Fiona was pining for Roger, but he didn’t have eyes for her. Eventually, Fiona got over it. She never once let her feelings get in the way of a friendship with Roger.

When it came to Roger heading through the stones, Fiona became the person he could trust. She was there to see him step through to the past, just in case he didn’t make it through and he needed something to bring him back.

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