10 Major takeaways from the Outlander Season 5 trailer

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8. Possibility of death

As Claire and Jamie talk at the start of the trailer, it’s clear that they know there’s a possibility that one or both will die. There are moments in the book that touch on this, bringing more intimacy and connection between them, so I’m glad to see this included in the season. There’s a later moment at the very end of the trailer where Claire is genuinely scared Jamie will be one of those who won’t survive, but he promises her he will.

7. Reminder of the oath

Governor Tryon isn’t going to let Jamie out of the oath that he made for the land. This isn’t all that surprising considering all those in history who made this sort of oath had to fight for the British Army; at least at first. And to be honest, most of the Jacobites never did want a complete abolishment of the monarchy but a Stuart king on the throne. Tryon reminding Jamie of the oath reminds us that Jamie doesn’t really have a choice right now.

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6. Jamie wants his family to be safe

In the Outlander Season 5 teaser trailer, we knew that there would be a moment Jamie would want his family to head back to their own time. It comes up again in the trailer. Jamie knows that his family will be safer in their own time. Like in Season 2, he’s willing to make a major sacrifice to know that they will be alive and well. However, they’re not willing to make the same deal.

5. Brianna and Roger talk of family

In the teaser, we knew that Brianna and Roger would talk about Roger’s wish to return to the future. However, the trailer goes deeper. We see Brianna raise the point that their family is in the past. This time, we hear Roger tell Brianna that she is his family. He has nothing in the future there. This is why he’s always chosen to remain in the past despite all the bad that’s happened to him.