5 reasons to watch The Witcher to get through Droughtlander

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The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes

Droughtlander is still going. While we've had a few teases and updates to ease it, we need a TV show to help. The Witcher on Netflix is the show for you.

Outlander fans everywhere are still struggling with Droughtlander. STARZ is trying to help with the odd releases of sneak peeks and opening credits, but we still have a little more than a month to go until Season 5 premieres. So you'll be looking for more TV shows to watch, and The Witcher will likely come up on your list.

It's already one of our suggestions when looking through Netflix. We added it to our list in December. Now I want to share just why I think it's an excellent show to help you get through this last bit of Droughtlander.

5. There's a catchy song

Outlander has the Skye Boat song. Then there are the themes running throughout. Well, The Witcher won't disappoint in that aspect.

"Pay a coin to your Witcher..." if you've watched the series already, you've definitely got that song stuck in your head right now. I can't get it out! Now you've got two shows that you just need to hum the song to and think immediately of.

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