Outlander Season 5 opening credits keep two elements from the very beginning

There are two very special elements that remain part of the Outlander opening credits. Even Season 5's opening credits have kept them.

While the Outlander opening credits change every year, there are elements that remain the same. Two important elements have stuck around all the way up to the fifth season, and they shouldn't be overlooked by fans!

Those two moments are the image of the dancers at the stones and of Claire's mud-covered legs as she runs through the forest in her white dress. They've both from the pilot episode and say everything about that episode and the continued meaning all the way to Outlander Season 5.

If it wasn't for that pilot episode, we wouldn't be at this point now. That was the episode that encouraged STARZ to greenlit the first season. It was after this that the show was picked up for a second season. Because of all this, we're at the fifth season with the sixth season in pre-production right now.

Those dancers remind us of the stones, of the journey Claire had to make to get to Jamie the first time. They remind us of the mythology around the stones and the beginnings in Scotland.

The clip of Claire reminds us of her being out of time and in danger. She had to find a new place in the world, unsure of if she was ever even going to get back to Frank at first. When she managed to find a way, she didn't want to go back. Her heart belonged to Jamie by this point.

These two clips are simple reminders of everything that has happened from the beginning up to this point. They blend in beautifully with the clips from Season 5, making it clear that if it wasn't for the beginning then we wouldn't be where we are now.

The two scenes are part of every season's opening credits. Hopefully, they continue to remain as part of the opening credits, reminding us of things that have been.

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What do you love about the Outlander Season 5 opening credits? What do the scenes from the very beginning mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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