5 New Year Resolutions Jamie Fraser should make in 2020

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It's a new year and that means time for growth and change. Here are five New Year Resolutions Jamie Fraser should make on Outlander in 2020.

The new year is a time for reflection and growth. We make New Year Resolutions, looking for ways to better ourselves in the next year. There are some that Jamie Fraser should make in Outlander in 2020.

Okay, so 2020 isn't the year the Frasers are in, but that doesn't stop us from having some fun.

5. Be a nurturing grandfather

We haven't had the chance to see Jamie be a father. Not really. He took Fergus under his wing and has become a father figure, but he hasn't raised a child from birth.

Now is Jamie's chance to be a grandfather. He has the opportunity with both Jemmy and Germain to help raise them and teach them his ways. It's a little like Murtagh taking Jamie under his wing after Ellen's death, and that's certainly going to be exciting to watch.

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4. Accept that not everyone is like him

Not everyone is raised the same way as Jamie. Nor does everyone have the same motivations or wants in life. This is certainly the case with Roger, who doesn't quite belong in the past. This is something Jamie is going to have to accept.

He can't force people to be like him. Nor should everyone be like Jamie. He's going to have to accept the differences and make them work.

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3. Open his heart to Roger

I want to see some father-in-law/son-in-law moments. There is going to be plenty of time for that in Outlander Season 5, and we see that the opening scene will give us one of those moments.

It's important for Jamie to open his heart to Roger. Yes, Young Ian traded himself for Roger with the Mohawks and Jamie didn't want it, but that isn't Roger's fault. In fact, when you go back to it, it was Jamie and Young Ian's fault for not definitely making sure that Lizzie saw what she did (and I'm not blaming Lizzie because she made an honest mistake). So, Jamie needs to move past the situation with the Mohawks and open his heart to his son-in-law.

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2. Avoid going on the defensive

Jamie can sometimes take things personally. There have been times he's got defensive about a situation and that leads to him lashing out. Just look at how he called Brianna a whore after she was raped, all because he realized his mistake in beating and selling Roger to the Mohawks.

So, he needs to take a step back. Instead of getting angry and defensive, he just needs to start taking things less personally.

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1. Get the full story before acting!

Yes, we're going back to the situation with Roger. But that's not the first time that Jamie has acted before getting a full story. It's just the one with the most consequences.

Arguably, Jamie got the story that he needed. Lizzie put two and two together and made five, but it was an innocent mistake. Jamie's wrongdoing came from not actually getting a name from Roger before beating him. Had Jamie just heard the name Roger, there's a good chance he would have double-checked a few facts first.

So, hopefully, that whole situation is a lesson to him. He needs to get the full story and double-check facts before acting.

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What resolutions do you think Jamie needs to make? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.