Outlander Season 5 opening credits: First thoughts of the theme song adaptation

Every season, the opening credits change. STARZ gave us the Outlander Season 5 opening credits as a Christmas gift, and here are my thoughts on the tune.

Christmas Day got a little Outlandish with a gift for all. The Outlander Season 5 opening credits were released, sharing the changes to the theme song for all.

Changes to the theme song are nothing new. Season 2 offered a French style for the first half of the season. The third season brought a Caribbean twist for the last two episodes. So, what was the twist this season?

Instead of a solo singer with the drums, powerful music, and more, the Outlander Season 5 credits offered a choral sound. It's completely acapella until the final note, the tell-tale sounds of the series with the title card.

While I always appreciate the effort that goes into the opening credits and the adaptation of the theme song, this isn't one of my favorites. In fact, this is one of my least favorite adaptations. I will say that it's better than the fourth season—the end of those credits just sounded like a lot of noise with everything playing together on the end notes for me.

However, there's something missing in the Season 5 credits that make them so extra special each season. It's all about the drumbeat that plays in the clip just as we see Claire's feet from the pilot episode. Those drum beats continue throughout the rest of the credits, and it gives this powerful, intense feeling of things to come. There's something dramatic about the music, and we know that "The Fiery Cross" certainly gets dramatic.

The choir singing could have even been used well with the drumbeat. So, it's not just the use of the choir that I don't like. I find that works well for the first part of the credits, but I wish there was still the drumbeat throughout.

Check out the Outlander Season 5 opening credits to see what you think of the theme song adaptation.

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What do you think of the Outlander Season 5 opening credits music? What would you change? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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