Outlander Season 5 cast: Who is Chris Larkin?

Outlander Season 5 will bring in the Browns’ storyline, and Chris Larkin is part of that. Who is he to get an idea of what to expect from the actor?

Chris Larkin landed the role of Richard Brown in Outlander Season 5. Not everyone will have read “The Fiery Cross” and not everyone wants spoilers. To respect that, I’m keeping this post solely on Chris Larkin the actor, focusing on his past work and what that would could mean for the fifth season of the time-traveling series.

You’ll know Larkin best for roles in Master and CommanderBlack Sails, and Next of Kin. He’s done a wide variety of roles, with many of them set in some sort of time period in the past. That means he has experience in doing period roles.

Having that experience is important and useful. He’ll know how to hold himself for a person of the time. This is a man who will know what would be expected of him at the time, and he’ll be used to researching for these types of roles.

Larkin is a veteran actor, with professional on-screen experience that dates back to 1993. With many years of working in the business, he has the skill to succeed in a show. And he’s not afraid of taking small roles but leaving a mark. In fact, many of his characters have been one-episode roles, but he’s always remembered.

Throughout that run, he’s played completely fictional roles and fictionalized versions of real roles. He can adapt well, which gives us plenty of hope for his role of Richard Brown in Outlander Season 5.

By the way, he’s not afraid to do villain and hero roles. He’ll fit right in for his character of Richard Brown.

As a fun little tidbit, he’s the son of Dame Maggie Smith. Coming from an acting family is certainly going to help his skills. Smith has also taken on a number of period roles, which means he has plenty of support if he needs it.

Why did he change his name? Larkin is his stage name and a way to distance himself from Dame Maggie Smith and Sir Robert Stephens. He wanted to make a name for himself in his own right, and I can certainly respect that!

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Outlander Season 5 premieres on Feb. 16 on STARZ.