5 things we’d love to see from Outlander at NYCC 2019

Outlander Experience at NYCC -- Image by Alexandria Ingham
Outlander Experience at NYCC -- Image by Alexandria Ingham /
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Outlander Season 5
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Outlander will be at New York Comic-Con 2019 on Saturday. Here are five things we’d love to learn as fans about Season 5.

On Saturday, the Outlander cast, EPs, and Diana Gabaldon will take to the stage at New York Comic-Con 2019. This is a chance to learn something about Season 5, a season that has been kept relatively under wraps since filming began in April.

While we won’t get too many details, there’s a chance that we’ll learn something from the eight members on the panel. Here are five things that as fans we’d all likely love to learn.

5. A tease of the Murtagh/Regulator problem

There is going to be some “reasonable invention” in Outlander Season 5. Part of that needs to come from Murtagh’s storyline since he’s not included in the books past the third one.

While we can’t get full details of what to expect in Season 5, this would be a chance to get some sort of tease. There are plenty of questions about this, including about Jamie’s next moves considering he’s been ordered to kill his godfather.