10 best Brianna moments in Outlander Season 4

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Outlander Season 4, Episode 7
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8. Standing up for Claire and Jamie again Laoghaire

Brianna was saved by Laoghaire of all people. There’s no doubt that we saw the irony in Laoghaire helping Claire and Jamie’s daughter without realizing who she was. However, Brianna didn’t even realize who was caring for her.

Once the truth came out, we saw Brianna’s fiery passion. She immediately stood up for her mother, making it clear that Laoghaire means nothing to Jamie. Even without knowing Jamie, she knows enough of him to know that Laoghaire isn’t his true love.

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7. Moving on from the guilt of leaving Frank behind

Throughout Outlander Season 4, Episode 7, we get a series of flashbacks between Brianna and Frank. These flashbacks are essential for understanding Brianna’s feelings. She’s conflicted over Frank’s death and the fact that she’s now going in search for her biological father.

However, the ending to the episode is excellent. It shows the journey that Brianna has been on throughout that episode. We get what the flashbacks mean to her, as she works through her conflicted feelings. There’s that look that Brianna gives the ghost of Frank at the docks, feeling like he knows that this is something she needs to do.

While she has moments of guilt later, she also knows how she wants to proceed. She doesn’t have to replace one father for another. She can have both Frank and Jamie in her life in their own ways.