Outlander Season 4: The parallels between Claire and Brianna you may have missed

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Finding traditional men

The partners Claire and Brianna find are rather traditional for their time period for the most part. This isn’t really a parallel just within the TV show, but a parallel that is introduced within the books. Jamie, Frank, and Roger are all really men of their time and upbringing.

Yes, Jamie has moments where he is a forward-thinking man, but he’s still a man with 18th-century expectations a lot of the time. We just have to look at his opinion about bikinis, Brianna and Roger marrying and providing for Claire, Brianna, and others to see that he’s a man of his time.

Frank is certainly a man of the 1940s and 50s. While one difference is that he clearly does a lot of the child-raising in the later years once Claire becomes a doctor, he still has many views similar to his colleagues of the time. He wants to remain with Claire purely for Brianna, knowing that he would barely get to see her if they split up because of the time period.

As for Roger, he was marriage and commitment before sex. He considers himself the man of the relationship, the one to provide but also the one to obey. It is a 1960s Scottish view, while Brianna is a woman of her time and upbringing in the same way that Claire was.

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Standing up to the enemy

In Outlander Season 4, Episode 12, Brianna has the chance to face Stephen Bonnet. It’s an important moment, as Brianna makes it extremely clear that Bonnet will die and be forgotten. The child will never know who his father (possibly) is.

While not under the same circumstance, Claire has the chance to stand up to an enemy in Outlander Season 1, Episode 15. She faces off against Black Jack Randall, making it clear when he will die.

Both women manage to instill a sense of fear of death in their enemies. Bonnet fears dying and leaving nothing while Randall just seems to fear death without gaining what he wants in life.

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What parallels between Claire and Brianna did you see in Outlander Season 4? What would you like to see for both characters moving forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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