5 best Claire moments on Outlander Season 4, Episode 6

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Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /

2. Her banter with Murtagh

I loved the opening moment between Claire and Murtagh. They have fallen straight back into their fondness for each other, joking around in a familial sort of way. Despite all the time they’ve been a part, it’s clear that the two have meant the world to one another.

Claire makes it clear that she would like Murtagh to stay. While she mentions Jamie, it’s also clear that she wants him to stay for her (and even him). This is an equal friendship and Murtagh is always welcome.

And while she doesn’t know too much about the Regulators, she knows that the business is dangerous. It’s clear that she’s worried about what’s in store for Murtagh and his men in the future but she doesn’t know how much she can say.

1. The honesty with Lord John Grey

Both Claire and Lord John had a chance to be honest with each other. While Claire didn’t say who she was talking about, she did make it clear that she knew how Lord John felt; wanting something and not being able to have it.

There was also the honesty of why there’s an element of jealousy. It’s not outright jealousy that John has something of Jamie that she wants. After all, Claire knows that Jamie is her man and they’re soulmates. The jealousy is in the 20 years Claire and Jamie were apart.

She’s angry and, in a way, regrets some of the actions that led to Culloden. It’s clear if she could go back, she would find a way to change everything about Culloden — or at least Jamie’s part in it. John happened to be the man who got Jamie for most of those years and she’s jealous of that time.

The honesty was needed. We got a conversation that held a world of weight but was also enough to push forward with their own potential friendship — or at least an understanding.

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