7 biggest takeaways from the Outlander Season 4 official trailer

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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The second trailer for Outlander Season 4 is out. It’s time to break it down and assess what we can make of the upcoming season.

Outlander Season 4 dropped the second trailer yesterday. There are a few elements that stand out to everyone, especially Tobias Menzies’ voice at the very end. While this is a big takeaway, I’ll admit that it doesn’t make it to this list because it’s too obvious. There are smaller moments that give us an idea of what to expect this season.

It’s time to break down the trailer. I’ve watched it more than a dozen times, pausing, rewinding, and scrutinizing various elements. Here are my biggest takeaways from the Outlander Season 4 official trailer.

#7. There’s the buildup to the American Revolution

One of the biggest things to take away is that the fourth season will see the start of the American Revolution. However, this time, Jamie isn’t going to fight for freedom. He’s going to fight for the British, which means he’s going to be on the wrong side of history yet again.

Claire is going to be a part of that. Fans of the books will know why Jamie chooses this side right now. In the future, he may just choose the winning side, but right now it’s in his best interest to fight with the British.

It looks like Roger may come across the deed that shows Jamie fights with the British. He has a deed in his hand that has Jamie’s and Governor William Tryon’s names on, but it’s not entirely clear what this deed is. It could be for the land, which would mean loyalty to the British cause.

That would explain why Roger is shocked. After all, Roger knows what happens and he’ll know Claire knows what happens. Why would Jamie choose to fight on the wrong side of history yet again?