7 STARZ shows to watch to get through Droughtlander

Photo credit: The White Princess/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: The White Princess/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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2. Spartacus

STARZ has done a lot of historical fiction and period dramas. Spartacus is another example of a good one that has drawn fans of both the time period and just general drama into a series. Why change something that clearly isn’t broken?

Spartacus ran for three seasons with a miniseries spin-off, so it’s a little longer than a few others on this list. However, that gives you something to watch each night before Droughtlander ends.

As you would expect from the name, the show is based on a Roman auxiliary unit campaigning against the Getae under the command of Claudius Glaber. Roman General Marcus Terentius Varro Lucullus is leading the army against the Getae.

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Of course, there’s slavery, gladiator rings, and much more thrown in. Spartacus is the lead character, who is a former slave who leads the slave uprising. I’ll just prepare you for the fact that the actor playing this lead character changes between the first and second season.

There’s plenty of real history thrown into the mix of fiction. There are certainly some considered inaccuracies, but considering the record keeping and time period, it’s hard to get it all right. The inaccuracies don’t pull away from the drama, war, and tension throughout the series.