Tobias Menzies: 10 greatest roles outside of Outlander

Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room
Photo credit: Outlander/Starz Image acquired via Starz Media Room /
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8. Doctor Who

Character: Lieutenant Stepashin

Air date: Apr. 13, 2013

About the character: Lieutenant Stepashin is one of the officers onboard a Soviet submarine. He is routinely dismissive of the Doctor and Clara and believes they’re the enemy. When it comes to the alien onboard, he realizes he has a chance as Cold War success.

In a way, Stepashin was just a patriotic man who wanted his country to win the Cold War. That’s not really something to hate unless it’s the enemy!

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Why it deserves a spot: Lieutenant Stepashin was one of those characters you’d find yourself towing the line on and that’s what made him so interesting. You could see he was doing what he believed was right. Yet, it was for all the wrong reasons and put far too many people at risk.

Before this episode, I’d seen Tobias Menzies in Game of Thrones, and the two characters were vastly different. It was in this moment that I just knew Tobias would be the perfect man to play two characters so very different in one TV show. It was in this episode that we realized we had a man who is a chameleon when it comes to acting.