Sam Heughan on Live with Kelly and Ryan: Outlander Season 4 teases and driving ‘like a granny’

LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN -- Photo: David M. Russell/Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution -- Acquired via ABC Press
LIVE WITH KELLY AND RYAN -- Photo: David M. Russell/Disney/ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution -- Acquired via ABC Press /

Sam Heughan appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan yesterday, with Outlander fan Jenna Dewan in Kelly’s spot. Here’s a look at a couple of snippets from the interview, one of which teases some things to come for Outlander Season 4.

Outlander Season 4’s trailer dropped last night, but before that Sam Heughan got a short spot on Live with Kelly and Ryan. It was an extra special interview, as Step Up and Witches of East End star Jenna Dewan took Kelly’s spot to ask the questions. Why so special? Because she may be one of America’s biggest fans. Think of her as the States’ answer to Holly Willoughby.

During the interview, Sam talked about The Spy Who Dumped Me, which is his upcoming movie. However, Jenna certainly brought the conversation onto Outlander, which meant a few teases of things to come in Season 4. There was also a talk about Sam and co-star Caitriona Balfe’s driving.

In the first clip, Sam talks about the things to come. We know they’re in a time when America is just in its infancy. This is before the Revolutionary War. In fact, we’re in the years building up to that moment, which means uncertainty and danger. Sam also teases that there will be some faces of the past turning up. Then he quickly states that it may be faces from the future.

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Fans of the books will already have an idea of the hints Sam is making. Jenna does quickly point out that the fun of Outlander is bringing people from the past or future. It’s all in the stones. We know Brianna Randall will make her way back and there’s a lot of talk of Roger Wakefield MacKenzie, but what about others?

The second clip is all about his driving. We know that Sam and Caitriona joke about each other’s driving abilities and Sam has no shame in driving “like a granny,” as it’s often been put. It turns out Caitriona passed her UK driving license two weeks ago, so now she’s allowed on the roads. Watch out, as it turns out she’s on the list of 10 worst drivers in California according to the DMV. Oh dear!

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Are you excited for things to come in Outlander Season 4? Who are the faces of the past (or future) that you think will show up? Let us know in the comments below.

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