5 reasons Outlander fans will want to watch Mary, Queen of Scots

MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS -- Photo via Focus Features
MARY, QUEEN OF SCOTS -- Photo via Focus Features /
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2. It’s a period setting

Even if it wasn’t Scottish history (and there will be some English involved), the fact that it’s a period movie will be intriguing for many. After all, it was the use of 18th-century Scotland that pulled some fans into Outlander.

Expect to see a number of period costumes, and not just the ones you see in the trailer. You’ll see how the people lived, especially in the Scottish and English Courts. History will come to life through the movie, even with the odd inaccuracies.

1. There’s plenty of drama

If you love the drama of Outlander and the fast-paced moments like chases, fights, and skirmishes, then you’re likely going to love Mary, Queen of Scots. Granted, I have no idea how close to history the movie will stick when it comes to Mary’s life. However, her real life was full of drama, heartache, and surprises.

This is a woman who married three times. A woman who had been raised in France and had to return to Scotland as a young, grieving widow, ready to rule a country that didn’t really want her. She was a Catholic in a Presbyterian land, constantly under watchful eyes. You may know how the story ends, but this will be about the journey to get there.

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Will you give the new Mary, Queen of Scots movie a chance? What’s sold it for you as an Outlander fan? Share in the comments below.

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