Will we ever see Joe Abernathy again on Outlander?

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Will Outlander fans ever get to see Joe Abernathy again? We have the answer.

Outlander fans only caught a small glimpse of Joe Abernathy last season, but overwhelmingly fell in love with him. So now that Claire has returned to Jamie we are left to wonder if we’ll ever see Joe again.



If the next season is anything like the books… we will.

When Claire left Brianna behind in the 1970’s did you really think she’d leave her alone? Of course not! She actually leaves her in the capable strong hands of Joe Abernathy.

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Bree isn’t living with Joe of course, as she’s grown, but she’s enlisted the help of her closest friend in keeping an eye on her beloved only child.

If the show follows the book we may actually even meet more of Joe’s family!


For those fans who might remember Joe — he is the African American doctor friend of Claire’s who she meets when they first attend medical school together. At that time it was unheard of (and somewhat controversial) for a woman and American Americans to become doctors and this is why they bonded. They were both outcasts and could survive the grueling demands together. Eventually, they form a friendship and even share a practice.

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Claire even confides in Joe about Jamie, something she had never done with anyone.

Though we may not see Claire and Joe together again, we will probably see the familiar face again soon!

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