Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 24 breakdown

Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ
Outlander Season 4 -- Courtesy of Aimee Spinks/STARZ /
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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

The little bit of foreshadowing is how Jamie and John’s relationship will work out. We know that Jamie can’t just forget. He understands why John and Claire were together, but that doesn’t mean Jamie has to like it. It’s more of John’s wording that he can’t get out of his mind, and considering everything that’s happened to Jamie, that’s not all too surprising.

I think there’s also some foreshadowing that Claire and Jamie will get back to the Ridge. Claire wants to go back there, but it will take time. The bit that stands out for me is Claire getting some arrowroot, which I believe was used for Lizzie’s malaria medicine. So, she intends to get back to Lizzie and the family at the Ridge.

Adapting the Written in My Own Heart’s Blood chapter

We’ve already had Jamie tell Claire about Mary McNab in the series, so I think that part of the chapter will be skipped over. What I do expect to see in either the end of Outlander Season 7 or the start of Season 8 is Claire and Jamie reuniting after everything that’s happened. We need to see this passionate moment to see them reconnect.

Of course, we also need to see Claire’s explanation of events. It’s important she has the chance to explain what was going on in her head, and what John actually meant to her. We need to see Jamie accept that Claire did what she needed to do to survive. There is a way to bring Mary into it without a full explanation, but it’s seeing Jamie understand how close Claire was to suicide that’s important here.

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