Outlander Book Club: The Fiery Cross Chapter 27 breakdown

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Foreshadowing in the Outlander chapter

This chapter seems to foreshadow what’s to come for Jamie. He wants Claire to promise him to kill him if he ever ends up unable to care for himself. Later in The Fiery Cross, Jamie suffers the snake bite and there’s the question of amputating Jamie’s leg. He doesn’t want that, even though he knows that he will likely die if that happens. Claire has to decide whether she can keep her promise or not.

In the end, it works out thanks to Brianna. However, this chapter foreshadows everything that is to come for Jamie with the snakebite.

Adapting The Fiery Cross chapter

This chapter was certainly used for the TV series. Outlander Season 5, Episode 3 was all focused on the Beardsley storyline.

It is an important storyline for the twins. Jamie and Claire needed to make sure there would be no repercussions for taking the boys. There’s also this big promise that Claire makes that she can’t necessarily keep. It’s one thing killing a man you don’t know as a humane action, but it’s another thing to do it to a person you love.

The show certainly brought the darkness from the chapter out. I thought the series did a really good job of adapting this chapter, and it was important to see it all play out.

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