Outlander Book Club: Book 1, Chapter 41 breakdown

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Using the Outlander chapter in the TV series

Of course, a lot of this chapter wasn’t really used that much in the show. We didn’t get the moment in the spring and there wasn’t that much of a focus on Jamie’s hand.

Part of this was possibly due to finding locations and the timing. It could have even been a budget thing. Also, I don’t think the conversation in the spring was all that necessary for the TV series.

We’ve got to remember that the show changed the storyline around in the Outlander Season 1 finale. Claire and Jamie were still in Scotland when Jamie was healing from Wentworth. It wasn’t until after all this that they headed on a boat to France; that they tried to figure out what they were doing next.

It was on the boat that Claire could talk to Jamie. That they could gain some of their connection back after everything that Jamie had been through. This was also the place that Claire told Jamie that she was pregnant.

We also didn’t have the moment with the package sent from Marcus. Since he didn’t play a huge role in the show, it didn’t make any sense to keep that in the finale. Instead, the focus was on Claire helping Jamie to heal.

Both the book and show did the same thing in a slightly different way. Both offered hope for the future while also reminding us that there was a war coming that they would need to be involved in. And the way both did it suited the two mediums.

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