Outlander Season 5 finale recap: Jamie will go to war for Claire

Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander Season 5 -- Courtesy of STARZ /
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Outlander Season 5 finale
Outlander Season 5 — Courtesy of STARZ /

“Kill them all”

We witness much of the battle with the men through Claire’s perspective, but there are flashes of seeing everyone fighting. We see each of the men as badass warriors, including Roger who takes a life in the heat of battle. This is something that does weigh on him, as he tries to figure out if he did the right thing.

Jamie gets to Claire and can tell the ordeal she’s been through. He knows she’s been raped and asks how many of them did it after finding out some of them were still alive. She doesn’t know.

JQM hands Claire a knife so she can enact revenge, but she can’t do it. Jamie points out that she took an oath never to kill anyone, so it’s up to Jamie to kill for her. Young Ian and Fergus agree to kill for her too.

“Kill them all,” Jamie tells everyone.

Not all are killed, though. Lionel Brown is still alive and he’s taken back to the Ridge for questioning. Claire also later asks about Wendigo Donner. He wasn’t among the dead, which means he got away. While he didn’t hurt Claire, she points out he didn’t help her either. Again, there wasn’t too much he could do alone at that point, but she’s in pain, going through trauma, scared, and angry; I can accept her viewpoint.

The death of Lionel Brown

Once everyone is back at the Ridge, Claire makes it clear to Jamie that she won’t let this ordeal break her. After surviving war, imprisonment, and losing two husbands, she is not going to let this be the thing that shatters her.

She decides to pay Lionel a visit, who clearly isn’t sorry for anything that he has done. There’s a moment where she thinks about taking his life, but she says she’ll “do no harm,” and then leaves.

Marsali, annoyed that Lionel views women as lesser than him, decides to do the thing that Claire couldn’t. She kills him with an injection of water hemlock root.

“Am I going to hell?” She asks Jamie. He comforts her before wrapping the body and taking it back to Richard Brown. While Richard knows that Jamie did what he had to, he also makes it clear that this is the start of a blood feud.