Outlander recap: [Spoiler] returns with a haunting storyline

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Roger apologizes to Brianna

When Roger returns, the first thing he says to his wife is “Brianna.” It’s just what Bree needs to hear.

This is a chance for Roger to apologize for burying his voice, but he also admits that he can’t be the man that he once was. Everything that happened to him has changed him.

However, while he’s going to be a new man, he’s still going to be there for Brianna and Jemmy. They need him more than ever, and he needs them.

He also notes that the way he reacted earlier in Outlander Season 5, Episode 8 when Marsali drew the Hanged Man tarot card was a reaction of fear. He believed that’s all he would be, but now he knows it’s time to move forward.

Roger also uses this chance to say that his last words didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Bree’s face was the last one he saw before he thought he was going to die. He chooses to be with her now.

We end the episode on a happier note for Bree and Roger. It’s the start of something new. Meanwhile, there’s more to come for Young Ian, as he deals with his own pain and loss.

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