Outlander recap: Why does Jamie take Frank’s ring from Claire?

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Brianna and Roger deal with locusts

Roger makes a note that he’s not going to the wedding to help Brianna with Jemmy, who has a cold. However, Bree knows that it’s Roger’s way of insulting Jocasta since she insulted him at their wedding.

It’s probably a good thing that Roger didn’t go. Brianna notices that Adso has brought a gift home, but it’s soon clear there’s a bigger problem. There is a swarm of locusts in town.

Naturally, the people of the Ridge are worried. They’ll lose the crops across the Ridge and the people want to burn the whole of Jamie’s crops to prevent the swarm. Roger manages to prevent the burning of the crop with the reminder that the wind could blow and destroy their homes. But he doesn’t have an immediate answer to deal with the situation.

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It could work!

Roger and Brianna discuss their options. Roger wishes that Jamie was around to deal with it, but he then suddenly gets an idea. His father once read a story about a plague of locusts in the American West. Smoke was used to drive the locusts away before they could land.

Roger realizes that this could work. They’ll lose some of the crop but not all of it. They just need to create enough smoke to cover the fields to prevent the locusts from landing. Brianna supports her husband’s decision.

While Roger knows how to create the smoke, he doesn’t know how to get it to spread across the field. The wind may be picking up, but is it enough? Brianna is the one who can help with that.

The smoke stations are set up and everyone with laundry gets the smoke to spread, but the swarm of locusts come in. It covers the field in darkness. Can this work?