25 shows to watch on Netflix if you love Outlander

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5. Ripper Street

Number of seasons: 5

Who it stars: Matthew Macfayden, Adam Rothenberg, Jerome Flynn, and MyAnna Buring are the leads in this period drama series.

What it’s about: Ripper Street gets the name from the time period of the series. Set post-Jack the Ripper’s last kill, it focuses on the police department of the time. With the city still on edge, especially with Jack the Ripper possibly still out there, the police need to keep the calm and prevent any copy cat killers.

Over the space of the five seasons, we watch as characters move up the ranks, are pulled apart and drawn back together, and how they cope with love and loss. This is one of those shows that leaves you thankful for the time period you’re in now.

Why watch it: Ripper Street is one of those British dramas that will certainly stand the test of time. It kicks off our top five because of the excellent casting, beautiful costuming, and outstanding storytelling. You’re drawn into each of the characters’ lives, whether you love them or hate them.

One of the benefits of the series is the focus on MyAnna Buring’s character Long Susan. As a brothel madam with an agenda, you instantly want to dislike her. However, you see the struggle for women in a position of authority set in a time when women weren’t even their own property.

On top of all that, you have cases that you solve along with the police, seeing various clues along the way. Many of the seasons have a few overarching storylines that draw you in and make you need to bingewatch.