7 period dramas Outlander fans should watch to get through Droughtlander

VIKINGS -- photo acquired via A&E press site
VIKINGS -- photo acquired via A&E press site /
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2. The Crown

How about a series that’s about the current royal family? That wouldn’t seem all that interesting–or even like a period drama. That is until you realize this is a story of Queen Elizabeth II. It starts in 1948, just before the queen became queen. She was just the heir to the throne then and newly married to the Philip Mountbatten.

The first season takes us through her initial years as queen, looking at some of the major points in history during her reign. We get to see the reactions that were expected of her, how powerless she could sometimes feel, and the way she’d have to justify her decisions because she was a woman. Then there was the family drama, with scandals like her sister’s love affair with Peter Townsend.

During the second season, we were taken up to the birth of Prince Edward in 1963.

Outlander fans will want to watch this to see another strong woman — a woman who didn’t actually want the crown that was thrust onto her. But that’s not all. Our own Tobias Menzies is going into the series for the third season. There’s a complete cast change due to the way characters are aging, and Menzies will take on the role of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The Crown Season 3 is currently filming and will drop on Netflix sometime next year.