Outlander Season 2 episodes ranked: The worst to the best of the season

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Now that we’ve finished looking back at the Outlander Season 2 episodes, it’s time to rank them in order of worst to best.

Outlander Season 2 is one of those seasons that you tend to either love or hate. There are episodes that don’t quite feel altogether necessary and then others that are full of so much emotion that you can’t help cry along with the characters. It’s a season that I disliked at first (and I’ll get into that soon) but then adored towards the end.

This is one of those seasons that I don’t rewatch much. To be honest, I don’t rewatch a lot of TV shows, but there are specific episodes of Outlander Season 2 I can happily tune into time and time again. Those are (understandably) the ones I rank the best!

Why dislike the first part of the season?

After such a strong first season, there was something that felt off in the second season. I will start by saying that I adored the change to Jamie’s PTSD. That made complete sense to me as a show-first fan. I didn’t even realize it was a change until I’d read Outlander and felt that the series handled this storyline a little better.

The issue for me was the first half of the season felt a little flat. I think part of that came from the knowledge that Claire and Jamie wouldn’t stop Culloden from happening. We knew from the first minute of the episode that Claire would be sent back to her own time and learn the fate of Scotland in 1746.

I spent the whole of the French storyline just waiting for them to get back to Scotland. It was clear that Claire and Jamie would somehow end up fighting for the Jacobites, so why bother with the Paris storyline? Had the flash to the 1940s come later in the season, maybe around Episode 8, the Paris storyline might not have felt as off.

But I digress. For this list, I’m looking at each episode on its own. This isn’t about the overarching storylines but about how I felt watching each episode as standalone episodes. It takes in the acting, the storytelling, the focuses, and more. So, here’s a look at the Outlander Season 2 episodes ranked from worst to best.

I have done a ranking before. That was taking the whole season together, rather than looking at individual episodes on their own. You can check that out and compare with this ranking.

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