‘Outlander’ Recap: Episode 6, “The Garrison Commander”

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“The Garrison Commander” is what you might call a meta-episode. That is, it’s an episode built almost entirely on character interactions and small beats, rather than action, adventure, and forward moving plot. What better way than this, then, to show watchers just how vile Black Jack Randall truly is? In Episode 6, we’ll learn just how tricky and slippery Black Jack is, and Claire will be left with little choice for her remaining time in the 18th century because Dougal has a proposition to make her.

Episode 6 of Outlander, “The Garrison Commander” picks up right where episode 5 left off- the young Redcoat is asking Claire if she’s there, with Dougal and the rest of the highlanders, by her own choice. She assures the young British man that she’s a guest of Clan MacKenzie and he seems to accept this, hesitantly, but insists that she come speak with his commander, regardless. Dougal insists he go with her. Remember, he still things Claire is a British spy, so his motivation is less concern for her safety and more concern for his own hide.

At the location where the brigadier general is calling home, Dougal almost gets into a fight with the other British soldiers there, after they insult him for his accent. Claire, being the powerful and assertive woman that she is, stops the nonsense and in the same turn gets a rise out of the general.

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“My word, madam, if I were brave enough, I would commission you a colonel in one of my regiments,” Thomas says. “You do know how to order men about.”

Dougal agrees and ducks out, leaving Claire with a room full of British gentlemen. She dines and has her tea and then Black Jack Randall bursts in, in a tizzy, upset about Dougal being in the room downstairs. He sees Claire and looks at her as if she were a wild, deadly creature. When asked if they are acquainted, he makes something up about thinking he recognized her, then moves on. Claire does the same, surely thinking herself safe while in the midst of the Redcoats.

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